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    Soptos 16G FC SFP+ is a series of optical transceiver modules designed for use in 16G Fiber Channel links. They are compliant with the SFP+ MSA. Digital diagnostics functions are available. The optical transceivers are RoHS compliant. Sopto supplies OEM service and Third-Party(Cisco, Juniper, HP, Dell etc.) compatible fiber optic transceivers.
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    16G SFP Transceivers .png

    16G SFP+ Transceivers

    ● Hot-pluggable SFP+ form factor

    ● Up to 14.025Gb/s bi-directional data links

    ● Transmission distance up to 100m on MMF OM3 and 10km over SMF

    ● Support Multi-rate for 16X/10X/8X/4X/2X/1X FC

    ● Low power dissipation

    ● Duplex LC Interface

    ● Single +3.3V power supply

    ● Built-in digital diagnostic functions

    ● RoHS-6 compliant

    ● Operating Case Temperature: Standard: 0~70°C

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