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  • Optical Variable Attenuator

    Optical Variable Attenuator is an optical test instrument for the measurement of optical fiber systems, signal attenuation of short-range communication systems, and system experiments. It is capable of continuously variable attenuation of optical signals. Widely used in digital and analog modulation systems for communication equipment
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  • ● Stepwise attenuating by circumgyrated dial: attenuating step 0.05dB

    ● Provide with the function of displaying dB and dBm attenuating value

    ● 10 minutes Auto-off function can be activated and deactivate with keypad operation.

    ● After off the instruments, the system will have the memorizing of the attenuating value and the attenuating step, in order to restore the system back to the previous shut down state when open the instruments next time

    ● Portable, rugged, lightweight; Easy to use.

    ● Telecom Maintenance

    ● CATV Maintenance

    ● Comprehensive cable construction system

    ● Optical instruments research and development

    ● Optical communication education and lab testing

    ● Other optical project

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    Handheld variable attenuator Attenuation range 2.5~60dB, Direct charge

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