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    Fiber fast connector is the detachable quick connection between optical fiber and optical fiber devices, it is to put the two optical fiber end face up, so that the optical output of light energy can bigger limit coupled to the receiving optical fiber, and optical link due to the intervention and the effects on the system to a relatively small.
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  • ● Meet Telcordia gr-326-core standard.

    ● Low insertion loss, high echo attenuation, high stability.

    ● Good interchangeability.

    ● Adopt standard metal parts.

    ● Bayonet connection mode, high-density connection.

    ● Ceramic core APC, UPC grinding.



     Work Temperature


     Insert Loss


      Return   Loss


     Fiber Diameter.


    Sopto fiber optic connector took the first lead to pass the ISO9001 quality system, the requirements of European RoHs



    ● Fast Connectors are used to open an FTTH fiber terminal.

    ● The connection box, the cabinet, the end box and so on.

    ● The recovery and maintenance of accidents such as broken fiber.

    ● LAN, wan, data and video transmission.

    ● The construction and maintenance of optical fiber access for the end users.

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    Part Number

    Product Description


    Fast Connector SC/UPC Simplex SM A type


    Fast Connector SC/APC Simplex SM A type


    Fast Connector SC/UPC Simplex MM A type


    Fast Connector LC/APC Simplex SM cable diameter 0.9mm A   type

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