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  • Cat6/6a Cat6/6a Cat6/6a
  • Cat6/6a UTP LAN Ethernet Cable

    The Cat6 LAN cables transmission performance is much higher than the Cat5e standard, making it ideal for Gigabit-rate network transmission applications.The Cat6 LAN cable has a transmission bandwidth of 250MHz.The Cat6a LAN cable is an improved version of Cat6 and is used primarily in 10 Gigabit networks. The Cat6a LAN cable has a transmission bandwidth of 500 MHz and a maximum transmission speed of 10 Gbps.
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  • ● FTP or UTP ,SFTP

    ● 26AWG/24AWG/23AWG

    ● PVC/PE/LSZH Jacket optional

    ● Standard supports up to 250MHz and speeds up to 1000Mbp/s over 100 meters of Cat6 cable.

    ● Fully backward compatible with all the previous categories.

    ● RJ-45 plugs on both sides of the short LAN cable are designed with 50 mm gilt, with good contact and transmission properties, oxidation resistance, rust, and no blackening.

    ● Operating Temperature: -20 to 60°C

    RJ-45 plugs on both sides of the short LAN cable meet the standards of EIA/TIA-568B or 568A

    TIA/EIA-568B/A Standard

    RJ45 Plug

    RJ45 Plug

    UTP is the least-expensive Ethernet cable as without extra sheilding, it usually used in home and small office networks


    FTP offers an additional layer of protection with shielding (also called screening) wrapped around the individual twisted wires. 


    S/FTP is a combination of the two above, with foil shielding around the individual twisted wires and an overall  screen which can sometimes be a flexible braid.


    Sopto can provide a variety of colors of the network cables, such as yellow, orange, purple, green, red, etc. If you want a special customized service, please contact us.

    Customized colors

    ● LAN

    ● Data Center

    ● Network wiring project

    ● Connection between switches, servers, patch panels or other equipment

    image.png                      image.png

                    CAT6/6A FTP                                                                               CAT6/6A UTP

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