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  • SFP Module Transceivers

    Sopto provides hundreds of types of Dual fiber/ Single fiber (BIDI)/ CWDM/ DWDM / PON/ PHY(SGMII) of QSFP28/ CFP4/ CFP2/ CFP/ QSFP+/ SFP28/ SFP+/ XFP/ X2/ Xenpak/ CSFP/ GBIC/ GBIC Copper/ SFP/ SFP Copper/ SFF/ 1 x 9 standardized transceivers and customized transceivers for data-rate of 100G/ 40G/ 10G/ 8G/ 6G/ 4G/ 3G Video/ PON / 2.5G/ 2.125G/ 1.25G/ 622M/ 155M/100Mbps network. And wavelengths of 850nm/ 1310nm/ 1490nm/ 1550nm/ CWDM 1270 - 1610nm/ DWDM wavelengths on 50/100GHz grid and transmitting distance from 30m up to 150km can be selected. Digital Diagnostic Function are also available. Operating Case Temperature: Standard: 0~70°C; Extended: -20~85°C; Industrial: -40~85°C

    All optical transceivers are RoHS compliant and could be 100% compatible with branding equipment, such as Cisco, Extreme, Juniper, HP, H3C, Linksys, Huawei, Alcatel-Lucent, Foundry, Nortel, Force10 etc. If you want to know more about the exact information or get price, please click to open the specifications in the ordering information or contact us. Email : [email protected]

    Product Categories

    1310nm SFP Module.png

    10km SFP Module.png

    1.25G SFP Module.png

    ● 155M  40km SFP2.5G 1310nm  SFP1.25G SFP
    1.25G  20km SFP6G 1310nm LTE SFP+ 1.25G BIDI SFP
    ● 2.5G 10km SFP● 8G 1310nm  SFP● 1.25G CWDM SFP
     6G  10km SFP● 10G  1310nm SFP+● 1.25G DWDM SFP
     8G  10km SFP 16G 1310nm  SFP+4G SFP Module.png
     10G  10km SFP+ 25G 1310nm SFP28 LR
     16G 10km SFP+ 40G 1310nm QSFP+ PSM4● 4G 850nm 300m SFP
     25G 10km SFP28● 100G duplex LC QSFP28 6G LTE SFP Module.png
     40G 10km QSFP+ PSM420km SFP Module.png
    1550nm SFP Module.png● 6G 850nm/1310nm LTE SFP+
    ● 1.25G 1310nm SFP10G SFP Module.png
    ● 155M  40km SFP● 10G  1310nm  SFP+
    ● 1.25G  20km SFP● 40G 20km QSFP+● 10G XFP
    ● 1.25G  80km SFP40km SFP Module.png● 10G BIDI XFP
    ● 10G  40km SFP+ ● 10G BIDI SFP+
    850nm SFP Module.png● 155M 1310nm/1550nm SFP10G 850nm 300m SR SFP+
    1.25G 1550nm SFP● 10G 1310nm 10/20km LR SFP+
    ● 6G  300m SFP● 10G 1550nm SFP+ ● 10G DWDM SFP+/XFP
     8.5G  300m SFP40G single mode QSFP+● 10G CWDM SFP+/XFP
    ● 10G  300m SFP+80km SFP Module.png25G SFP Module.png
    16G 100m/OM3 SFP
    ●  25G 100m SFP28● 1.25G  1550nm  SFP25G  850nm/1310nm  SFP28
    BIDI SFP Module.png10G 1550nm SFP+40G SFP Module.png
    10G 1270nm/1330nm BIDI SFP
    1.25G BIDI SFP120km SFP Module.png● 40G QSFP+
    ● 2.5G BIDI SFP100G  SFP Module.png
    ● 10G BIDI SFP+

    1.25G 1550nm SFP

    10G BIDI XFP

    ● 10G 1270nm/1330nm BIDI  SFP● 100G QSFP28

    Other SFP Module.png1000BASE SFP Module.png

    CWDM DWDM SFP Module.png

    ● 1.25G DWDM SFPGPON SFP1000base lx/lh 1310 10km SFP
    ● 1.25G CWDM SFPEPON SFP 1000base sx 850nm 550m SFP
    ● 10G DWDM SFP Video SFP
    ● 10G CWDM SFP● Copper SFP

    Shenzhen Sopto Technology Co., Ltd has its own fiber optical module production line, which can independently complete the R&D and production of various fiber optical modules to meet market needs. The R&D and production processes strictly follow the fiber optical module production specifications, and strictly control the inspection process to ensure product quality. At the same time, we can provide customized services for every customer.


    Sopto fiber optic transceiver took the first lead to pass the ISO9001 quality system, the requirements of European CE, RoHs.

    transceiver certificate.png

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