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  • Visual Fault Locator

    This visual fault locator uses a 650nm wavelength semiconductor laser to inject visible red light into the fiber. By observing the light leakage position on the fiber under test, the position of the fiber fault point can be easily and accurately determined. This product is used in conjunction with the OTDR to compensate for the shortcomings of the OTDR near-end blind zone. In addition, in the multi-core cable, ribbon fiber test, can be used as a core control
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  • ● Constant power output

    ● Laser head anti-drop design

    ● Laser case ground design prevents ESD damage

    ● Portable and rugged

    ● Easy to use

    ● Fiber fracture and bending fault location;

    ● OTDR shadow of the failed inspection;

    ● End to end fiber identification;

    ● Maintenance in telecom, CATV;

    ● Test Lab of optical fibers;

    ● Fiber routing and continuity checking in optical networks.

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    Visual Fault Locator output power 10mw Type A 


    Visual Fault Locator output power 20mw Type D


    Visual Fault Locator output power 30mw Type B

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