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    High-speed cables can be selected within a short distance of 1~50 meters, and the optical module + fiber patch cord combination can be selected for a long distance of more than 150 meters. For short-distance direct connections between data center racks,there are three types high speed cable DAC, AOC.
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  • DAC Direct Attach Copper Cables are further divided into passive copper cable and active copper cable

    In most data center, most server to server connections require 2-5 meters, while rack to rack connections are required to be connected by 8-12 meters cables.

    Passive copper cableare widely chosen by data centers for connecting servers to servers or servers  to the Top Of the Rack (TOR) switch as they are passive, consume zero power, have the lowest latency and cost-effective.

    Active copper cable, which is less expensive and can support  transmission up to 15 meters with low power consumption, can satisfy the regular interconnection requirement for distance and cooling in most data center.

    SOPTO offers a wide range of products for 0.5m to 15m lengths and in QSFP+, SFP+ form factors.

    AOC Active Optical cables offer a flexible way to connect within racks and across adjacent racks. AOCs support farther inter-rack distances. AOCs are much thinner and lighter than DACs, which makes cabling easier. Active optical cables enable efficient system airflow, which is critical in high-density racks.

    SOPTO offers a wide range of products for 1m to 100m reaches, in QSFP28, QSFP, SFP28, SFP+ form factors and data rates of 10G~120G.



    DAC Direct Attach Copper Cables.png

    Direct Attach Copper Cables( DAC)  

    ● Lower Power Consumption

    ● Compliant with SFF-8431 MSA

    ● Replace optical transceiver for   short distance

    ● Active DAC can reach up to 15m


    Active copper cables ( AOC )

    ● Lighter Weight

    ● Smaller bend Radius

    ● Smaller Size than DAC

    ● Better Performance than DAC

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