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      The Difference of XFP and SFP+ ? Among them, both SFP+ and XFP are 10G optical transceiver, but SFP+ module has occupied the mainstream market of 10G transceiver modules.So what is the difference between XFP and SFP+?

      Learning Center2023-06-01

      24 Cores Fiber Optic Patch Panel FTTH Box The 24 cores fiber optic patch panel FTTH box is a fiber optic cable management products used on the terminal of the optical cables, different types and structures, material is cold rolled carbon sheet steel.

      Learning Center2022-12-22

      What is FTTR (Fiber To The Room)? FTTR (Fiber to The Room) technology, by directly extending the optical fiber to each room of the user, further upgrades the traditional fiber-to-the-home to fiber-to-the-room...

      Learning Center2022-12-19

      What is Multi-mode optical fiber? Multi-mode optical fiber (multimode fiber or MM fiber or fibre) is a type of optical fiber mostly used for communication over short distances, such as within a building or on a campus.

      Learning Center2022-11-30

      FTTH, all-fiber network system solutions Focus on the triple play of television, Internet and telephone design ideas, we analyzed from the perspective of the construction, operation, maintenance, management, network development...

      Learning Center2022-11-03


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      Difference Between 4G and 5G Network
    • With no doubt, 5G is a hot topic recently. Maybe most people know what 5G is now. But what is the real difference between 4G and 5G?
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      What is Armoured Patch Cord?
    • Common type of fiber patch cord is prone to wear and affect the transmission quality after long time using.Therefore, armored fiber optic patch cords are beginning to be used by more and more people...
    • Learning Center2019-03-13
      The difference of SFP 10G SR LR LRM ER and ZR
    • SR, LR, LRM, ER and ZR are relatively common types in the 10G IEEE standard, but what’s the difference between10g sfp SR, LR, LRM, ER and ZR? To figure out, we need to know the meaning of them first...
    • Learning Center2018-12-25

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