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    Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) is integrated components in any fiber management system to handle termination and cross-connection of cables. Pre-terminated ODFs with cables are pre-installed with connectors and cable for quick and easy installation. Units with pre-terminated cables offer advantages such as faster installation, resulting in shorter time to revenue as well as guaranteed quality and performance.
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  • We offer optical distribution frame units in different size, such as 2U 24 ports, 3U 48ports, 4U 72ports, 6U 96 ports set. An Optical distribution frame also is a fiber optic management unit which is used to organize the fiber optic cable connections. They are mainly used as the interface between optical transmission network, optical transmission equipment and between optical cables in access network of optical fiber subscribers.




    288 cores ODF

    288 cores

    ● Fully enclosed standard indoor rack,19-inch standard

    ● Open the door before and after, it is very convenient to manage the fiber

    ● Using unit box or tray structure, flexible configuration, large capacity, easy operation and maintenances

    ● The upper and lower cable feeding modes can be freely adjusted, and there is enough fiber storage space to ensure that the bending curvature of the fiber is greater than 30mm.

    ● Reliable cable introduction and fixed protection device, suitable for ribbon cable and non-belt cable operation

    ● Made of high-quality steel, galvanized, oxidized and electrostatically sprayed, with strong structure and beautiful appearance

    ● Accept customer customization

    576 cores ODF

    576 cores

    720 cores

    720 cores

    576 cores Open Rack

    576 cores Open Rack

    ● Standard 19-inch rack with a maximum capacity of 576 cores

    ● The optical fiber distribution frame is an open frame that can be operated at the front and back to facilitate the management of the optical cable.

    ● With 96-core pull-out wiring box, the splice fiber branching and storage, large capacity, convenient operation and maintenance

    ●  Cable and fiber can enter and exit through the top, bottom, left and right sides, and there is enough space for the fiber to pass

    ● Reliable cable introduction and fixed protection device, suitable for ribbon cable and non-belt cable operation

    ● There is a fiber channel, which is convenient for racking and racking. It is beautiful and neat.

    ● Made of high quality cold rolled sheet SPCC, oxidized, electrostatically sprayed


    1440 cores

     High strength and corrosion resistance

    ● Cold-rolled steel frame, electrostatic spraying on the entire surface, beautiful appearance

    ● With the use of rotating wiring box and splitter rack, the maximum capacity is 1800 cores, and the capacity can be customized according to the needs.

    ● The cable inlet is equipped with a sealing rubber ring to protect the fiber optic cable and also protect against dust and rat.

    ● Reliable cable introduction, fixed protection device, fiber optic grounding protection device

    ● Suitable for ribbon cable and non-belt cable operation

    ● Front door pocket type visible window for label placement; fiber optic connector berth for multi-function service

    ● There is a fiber channel, which has enough fiber storage space to ensure that the bending curvature of the fiber is greater than 30mm.




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