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  • Fiber Patch Cords
  • Network Cabinet
  • Fiber Connector
  • Fiber Closure
  • Fiber Terminal Box
  • Indoor Distribution Frame
  • Outdoor optical cabinet
  • Fiber Patch Panel
  • Splitter Distribution Box
  • Fiber Optic Splitter
    • 2g_4g_transceiver
      2.5G~4G SFP

      2.5~4G SFP designed for use in 4x/2x/1x Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet .

      Compliant with the SFP+ MSA and RoHS. Digital diagnostics functions are available. 

    • 2.5G BIDI SFP 4G SFP 2.5G SFP
      6G LTE Transceiver

      6G SFP+ designed for use in LTE/OBSAI/CPRI application. 

      Compliant with the SFP+ MSA and RoHS. Digital diagnostics functions are available. 

      For the OBSAI application, the rates are 6.144 Gb/s, 3.072 Gb/s, 1.536 Gb/s, 0.768Gb/s. 

      For the CPRI application, the rates are 9.830 Gb/s, 7.373Gb/s, 6.144 Gb/s, 4.915 Gb/s, 2.458 Gb/s, 1.229 Gb/s, 0.614Gb/s.

    • 6G LTE SFP+
      8G Transceiver

      Compliant with the SFP+ MSA. 

      Digital diagnostics functions are available. 

      The optical transceivers are RoHS compliant.

      8G FC SFP+ designed for use in 8G/16G Fiber Channel links.

    • 8G SFP+
      16G Transceiver

      16G FC SFP+ designed for use in 16G Fiber Channel links. 

      Compliant with the SFP+ MSA and RoHS. Digital diagnostics functions are available. 

    • 16G SFP+ Transceiver
      25G SFP28

      Supports optical or copper interconnects.

      Compliant to IEEE 802.3by, SFF-8472 Rev 12.2 and SFF-8402.

      Used in 25GBASE data rate over multimode or single model fiber.

      Implements one 25 Gbit/s lane for top-of-rack switch to server connectivity. 

    • 25G SFP28
      40G QSFP+

      Four-channel full-duplex

      Maximum link length of 40km

      Single 1x12 MPO receptacle or Duplex LC

      Optical connectivity via industry standard MPO/MTP terminated fiber ribbon

    • 40G QSFP+
      100G QSFP28

      Designed for use in 100 Gigabit Ethernet links. 

      QSFP28 SR4 / QSFP28 100G IR4 / 100GBASE-LR4 

      Compliant with the QSFP28 MSA and IEEE 802.3 100GBASE and OTU4.

    • 100G QSFP28
      Video SFP

      Fully compliant with SMPTE 297M-2006.

      Designed to transmit/receive data rates from 50Mbps to 2.97Gbps.

      Specifically designed for robust performance in the presence of SDI pathological patterns.

      High performance, cost effective for simplex or duplex video transmission application over single mode fiber.  

    • Video 12G SFP Video SFP
      PON SFP

      Operating in Passive Optical Networks (PON).

      Package with SC Interface or Pigtailed, both ONU and OLT series.

      High Speed Cable

      For short-distance(1-100m) direct connections between data center racks.

      Passive DAC have the lowest latency and cost-effective.

      Active DAC  is less expensive and can support  transmission up to 15 meters 

      AOC connect within racks and across adjacent racks and are much thinner and lighter than DAC

    • Active Optical Cable Direct Attached Cable

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