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  • Fiber Patch Cords
  • Network Cabinet
  • Fiber Connector
  • Fiber Closure
  • Fiber Terminal Box
  • Indoor Distribution Frame
  • Outdoor optical cabinet
  • Fiber Patch Panel
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  • Fiber Optic Splitter
  • EOC Slave
  • EOC Slave

    Ethernet Over Cable is deployed in the existing CATV HFC network to carry out internet and CATV bidirectional networking reconstruction. It consists of master and slave. EOC Slave is usually resided at subscribers’home.
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  • ● Based on Home Plug AV solution

    ● Reside at subscribers ‘home

    ● Support the isolation of slave under one master

    ● One or four 100M auto-negotiation Ethernet port

    ● One TV output port and one cable input for CATV Service

    ● 5-65Mhz frequency for EOC signals., no influence on CATV Service (Data Service)

    ● Optional WI-FI function

    ● CATV

    ● Internet Access

    ● VOD

    ● IPTV

    ● Camera monitor system

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    Brief Information

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    1*10/100M Ethernet interface, 1 RF   input, plastic casing, external power   supply adapter


    4 ETH + 1*TV Output RF Port   +1*Cable(Mix) Input RF Port 12V DC   External power supply   adapter




    4*10/100M UTP Port2 ETH2 LAN related   to WIFI+ 1*TV Output RF Port +1*Cable(Mix)   Input RF Port+WIFI 12V DC   External power supply   adapter


    4 LAN user ports+ 1*TV Output RF Port   +1*Cable (Mix) Input RF Port +   WIFI, plastic casing,12V DC external   power supply adapter

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