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  • Fiber Optical Attenuator

    Fiber Optic Attenuator is a component installed in a fiber optic transmission system that reduces the power in the optical signal. It is often used to limit the optical power received by the photo detector to within the limits of the optical receiver. Sopto can provide female to male (plug type), Bulkhead-fixed value attenuator, in-line attenuator and variable attenuators.
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  • ● Low back reflection and Low PDL

    ● High precision attenuation value

    ● Precision control of attenuation range

    ● Wide attenuation range

    ● Precision ceramic ferrule

    ● FC, SC, ST, LC … optional

    ● PC,UPC and APC available                                                                                                    

    ● Plastic or metal housing material




     Operating Wavelength



     Attenuation Range


     1-10dB(1dB step), 15, 20, 25, 30dB

     Return Loss


     PC:≥50    UPC:   ≥55   APC: ≥60

     Attenuation Tolerance


     ≤1.0 (11-30dB)

     Working Temperature



     Storage Temperature


     -40℃~+ 85℃

    ● Optical line distributing frame

    ● Fiber-optical network system

    ● Hi-speed fiber-optical transmission system

    ● Dense Wavelength Division Multiplex (DWDM) system

    ● Optical add-drop multiplexers (OADM)

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    Ordering Info. for Attenuator

    Part Number   SPAT- FC F- FC  F- U-    5  F  M

                                           1  2    3  4  5     6  7  8
      Product DescriptionAttenuator   FC Female/FC Female UPC 5DB SM Fixed Value Metal Shell    

    1 - Connector A

    LC SC FC ST etc

    2 - Connector A   Type

    F:Female ;       M:Male

    3 – Connector B

    LC SC FC ST etc

    4 – Connector B Type

    F:Female ;       M:Male 

    5 - Endface

    U:UPC   polish;  P:PC polish;  A:APC polish

    6 - Attenuation Value

    1:1DB ;  3:3DB;    5:5DB; etc  30;1-30DB

    7 - Variable

    F:Fixed value;  V:Variable;  I:Inline Fixed ; S: Inline Variable

    8 -Shell Material

    P:Plastic;    PM:Half Plastic Half Metal;    M;Metal

    9 -Structure 1

    E:with Ears;       Null:without Ears

    10 - Structure 2

    S:with Spring   strip;       Null:without   Spring strip

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