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    Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) can be used in HFC system about CATV and SDH system in Telecom. It can provide preamplification, line amplifier and power amplifier. In multiple network applications, it is with good operation record, high stability and
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  • ● Using erbium and ytterbium Co doped double clad fiber technology

    ● The built-in low noise preamplifier without EDFA cascade reduces the deterioration of CNR and MER greatly

    ● The output port is optional

    ● 1U:SC connector 4~16 ports optional; LC connector 8~32 ports optional, WDM can be selected

    ● 2U:SC connector 16~64 ports optional; LC connector 32~128 ports optional; optional WDM

    ● Low noise coefficient: 0dBm input < 5dB

    ● The perfect network management interface, conforms to the SNMP network management protocol

    ● The server's mature dual power hot backup structure and the intelligent temperature control system controlled by microcomputer can effectively improve the system reliability

    ● CATV trunk and distribution network

    ● WDM system




    ExplainThis 1U device is the erbium and ytterbium Co doped high power fiber amplifier with 16 port output, output 22dBm, input connector SC/APC, main power 220V power supply, auxiliary power 48V power supply, output connector SC/APC, WDM, WDM joint SC/PC.



    For example: SPOA-51EYA2U-16*22-SA24A-WSU-O

    Explanation: This is 2U chassis optical amplifier device,16 output ports, each port output power is 22dBm, input optical connector is SC/APC, main power supply voltage is 220V. Vice power supply voltage is 48V,output port optical connector is SC/APC ,with WDM,WDM connector is SC/UPC, built in optical switch.

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