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    Optical Fiber is a kind of transmission media which made by glass, the transmission form is optical pulse. The most widely used in optical communications are single mode fiber and multimode fiber.
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  • ● Single Mode optic fiber has a small diametral core that allows only one mode of light to propagate. G.652D, G.657.A1, G.657.A2,etc. Belong to Single Mode optic fiber. Multi-mode optic fiber has a large diametral core that allows multiple modes of light to propagate.

    ● Multi-mode optic fibers are described by their core and cladding diameters. Thus, 62.5/125 µm multi-mode optic fiber has a core size of 62.5 micrometres (µm) and a cladding diameter of 125 µm.

    ● Multi-mode optic fibers are usually described using a system of classification determined by the ISO 11801 standard — OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4 — which is based on the modal bandwidth of the multi-mode fiber. The letters "OM" stand for optical multi-mode.

    ● Superior to corresponding standards of ITU-T

    ● Low attenuation and low dispersion

    ● Accurate geometrical parameters that insures tow splicing toss and high splicing efficiency

    ● Excellent PMD performance, supporting high-speed and tong repeater spacing Transmission system

    all types of cables, including ribbon fiber cable, slotted core cable, standard loose lube cable central-tube optical cable, ADSS, OPGW and indoor tight-buffer cable

    Optical Fiber Type

    Product Description

    Applicable wavelength


    Matched cladding single-mode optical   fiber 



    Zero water peak non-dispersion shifted   single-mode optical fiber 



    Low loss single-mode optical fiber



    Bending-loss insensitive single-mode   optical fiber


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