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    Fiber Optic Tool kits contains all of the latest popular fiber optic tools and consumable material necessary for epoxy and polish connector terminations (SC/ST/FC and LC connectors). The tool kits all use the industrys most popular and widely-recognized professional fiber optic tools to provide the best use experience for all users. The toolbox body is made of high-strength plastic in one time, resistant to shock and vibration, and the body structure is solid, durable.
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    Fiber Optical Installation Tool kits


    A professional fiber optic tool kit that contains common tools and materials for fiber optic cabling, telecommunications system maintenance, fiber shearing and welding operations, and solves cable cutting/opening/separation / cleaning and other technical problems

    ● Contains all of the latest popular fiber optic tools and consumable material Cut down on overall   fiber installation cost by reducing termination time

    ● Fast and easy to handle

    ● Compact waterproof protection bag


    Fiber optical fusion splicing tool kits


    Including hand-held fiber end-face inspection microscope, fiber cleaning pen and many other tools needed to clean the connector and port, to ensure that the fiber connection is clean and pollution-free.It plays an important role in the application of optical   cable.

    Fiber optical polishing and termination   tool kits

    complete anaerobic field termination solutions, designed for field Engineers, containing all the required tools for field terminations and/or repairs.

    - Highly Portable, Professional Quality Hand Tools

    - No Curing Oven Needed, UsingAnaerobic Installation 

    Method,Fast Curing Times

    FTTH tool kits


    - Use with Pre-Polished Fiber Optic Connectors 
    - Cut down on overall fiber installation cost by sharply reducing termination time
    - Field installable, No polishing required, No epoxies or glues
    - Fast and easy to terminate

    - Compact waterproof hard protection case
    - Encourages safe handling of fibre off-cuts

    Fiber optical test tool kits


    The test kits are inexpensive solutions for testing multimode and single-mode systems. By joining themini optical power meter and the mini optical light source,the test kits is a great kit for engineers or networks,LAN, and Gigabit Ethernet.

    Fiber Optical Cleaning Tool Kits


    The kit contains the extremely robust Video Inspection Microscope (Optical resolution down to 1.0  micron and a viewable resolution down to 0.5 microns), which connects to a battery powered 3.5`` TFT screen, with a display magnification of x400.

    The kit also contains ferrule and in adapter cleaning solutions for 1.25mm and 2.5mm connector styles.Ideal for Central Office and Transmission environments the Video Inspection Microscope can be used in most fiber optic networks.  


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