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  • Fiber Patch Cords
  • Network Cabinet
  • Fiber Connector
  • Fiber Closure
  • Fiber Terminal Box
  • Indoor Distribution Frame
  • Outdoor optical cabinet
  • Fiber Patch Panel
  • Splitter Distribution Box
  • Fiber Optic Splitter
    • fiber_patch_cords
      Fiber Patch Cords

      Fiber patch cords are used to connect one device to another for signal transmission. The fiber jumper is a connector that is installed at both ends for the device; only one end is equipped with a connector, which is a pigtail. Depending on the type of fiber, there are single mode jumpers and multimode jumpers. According to the structure of the connector, it can be divided into FC, SC, ST, LC, MTRJ, MPO, MU, E2000, DIN, and the like. SOPTO adopts advanced production technology and installation for large-scale production, with good production performance and stable and reliable quality. Fiber patch cord products are widely used in telecommunication room, fiber to the home, local area network, fiber optic sensor, fiber optic communication system, fiber optic connection transmission equipment, defensive war preparation. Suitable for cable TV networks, telecommunications networks, computer optical networks and optical test equipment.

    • Fiber Pigtails FTTH Drop Patch Cords CPRI Patch Cords MPO Patch Cords Fiber Optic Patch Cords
      Network Cabinet

      The 19-inch network cabinet is applied to computer network integrated engineering, building wiring, telecommunications, radio and sound engineering, securities, finance, intelligent community, school, government and other economic and large and medium-sized wiring projects. The equipment can be used to place active and passive devices such as switches, routers, servers, 19-inch optical fiber terminal boxes, etc. Sopto provide various types of network cabinet from size 6U to 47U with glass door or mesh front door. Floor landed and wall mounted cabinet are available.

    • Wallmount Cabinet Floor Type Cabinet
      Fiber Connector

      Fiber optic connector is a device that is detachably connected between an optical fiber and an optical fiber. The two ends of the optical fiber are precisely butted together so that the optical energy output from the transmitting optical fiber can be coupled to the receiving optical fiber to the maximum extent, and The impact on the system by its involvement in the optical link is minimized, which is a basic requirement for fiber optic connectors. To a certain extent, fiber optic connectors affect the reliability and performance of optical transmission systems. According to their use, fiber connectors are classified into the following types: fiber adapters, optical attenuators, fast connectors, and Mechanical splice.

    • Mechanical Splicer Fast Connector Fiber Optical Attenuator Fiber Optical Adaptor
      Fiber Closure

      Optical fiber splice closure belongs to the accommodation of the optical fiber fusion splice section system. It is widely applied to the connection of the fiber. Play the roles in sealing, protection, installation of fiber connector head and storage. According to the structure character, the fiber optic splice closure can be classified to the Horizontal and Dome type. Sopto provides various good quality aerial, duct and underground fiber closure, including vertical and horizontal types.

    • Horizontal Fiber Closure Splitter Fiber Closure Vertical Fiber Closure
      Fiber Optic Splitter

      Splitter in the era of optical communication is a component of forming PON network, It is a passive device used to connect OLT and ONU, its function is to distribute  downlink data, and to concentrate uplink data.Splitter has one uplink optical interface and a number of downlink optical interface. optical signals coming from uplink optical interface are transmitted to all of downlink optical interface, optical signals coming from downlink optical interface are transmitted to the one uplink optical interface .Just when optical signals transmitting from uplink optical interface to downlink optical interface, optical signal strength/optical power will decline, when optical signals transmitting from downlink optical interface to uplink optical interface, the same is true.Using splitter, we can also copy one optical data for monitoring after optical fiber transmission.According to different spectral theory, splitter can be divided into PLC splitter and FBT splitter.

    • FBT Splitter PLC Splitter

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