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    Media converter also called as fiber converter which receives data signals, sends via one media, converts the signals and then transmits the signals into another kind of media. Fiber converters can convert the signals sent from copper cable to signals that run on the fiber cable. Fiber media converters are used in the fiber optic network to transform the signals sent from fiber glass to traditional UTP cables; they are typically used in Ethernet as physical layer networking equipment.
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  • Sopto offers different types of switches and fiber converters like 10/100M, 10/100/1000M and 10G fiber converters, SFP fiber converters, manageable/unmanageable fiber converters, OEO fiber converters, POE fiber converters and fiber converter chassis; transmitting distance from 2km(MM) to 150km(SM) with SC or LC or FC connectors.

    There are two types chassis for fiber media converters, typical type is a 19-inch rack-mounted chassis, with 14 or 16 slots on it, so that it can fit 14 or 16 pieces of chassis type fiber converters. The difference is 14 slots chassis is used with standalone fiber media converters, while 16 slots chassis is used with card type fiber optic media converters, and 16 slot chassis is bigger size.



    10/100M fiber media converter


    Fiber Media Converter

    ● SC, FC optical Interface

    ● Auto-Negotiation of duplex(HDX/FDX) on RJ45 port

    ● Distances up to: 2 km Multimode, 120 km Single Mode

    ● Status LED's for TX,FX LINK/ACT, POWER,100M to easily monitor network status

    ● Complies with IEEE802.3 (10BASE-T) and IEEE802.3u (100BASE-TX/FX) standards

    ● Electrical port supports Auto-Negotiation for 10Mbps or 100Mbps, full duplex or half duplex data.

    10/100/1000M Fiber Media Converter


    Fiber Media Converter

    ● 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet

    ● 1000   BASE-SX/LX optical port

    ● 10/100/1000 BASE-T/TX electrical port

    ● Distances up to 2km for Multi-mode; Up to 120km for Single mode

    Complies with IEEE 802.3 10Base-T, IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX, IEEE 802.3ab 1000Base-T, IEEE 802.3z 1000Base-SX/LX

    10G Fiber Media Converter

    10G Fiber Media Converter

    ● Support Jumbo Frame

    ● Transparent Transport and very low delay

    ● Support ITUT prescribed DWDM/CWDM wavelength

    ● Support Loopback test function

    ● Support hot plugging


    OEO Converter

    1G OEO

    ● Support 1.25Gbs Digital optical signal conversion

    ● Fast speed, shorter delay, High efficiency

    ● Includes two SFP ports

    10G OEO

    ● Support Loopback

    ● Transparent Transport and very low delay

    ● Support ITUT prescribed DWDM/CWDM wavelength

    ● Support 2U Rack (16 channel) and standalone use

    point to point fiber media converter.png

    Point to point Manageable

     Fiber Media Converter

    ● Built-in IP-based Web Interface    

    ● Supporting IEEEE 802.3X Frame Flow Control for Full-Duplex mode

    ● Manual IP address setting/DHCP client for IP address assignment

    ● Speed duplex mode configuration / Flow Control setting / bandwidth Control on TP / Fiber port

    ● Supports Port Status / Ethernet Statistics on both TP and Fiber interface

    ● TS-1000 OAM / IEEE 802.3ah OAM / Loop Back Test  

    ● 16 TCP / UDP Filter groups

    Multi UTP fiber media converter.png

    Multi UTP 

    Fiber Media Converter 

    ● 1 ~ 4 x 1000M SFP fiber port

    ● 2 ~ 8 x10/100/1000M auto-sensing Half/Full duplex RJ45 ports

    ● Brocast Storm control and port-based ingress/egress rate control

    ● 4K MAC addresses with automatic learning and aging

    ● IEEE 802.1x support for secure user authentication

    ● SNMPWEB management optional

    ● Internal Power suppy optional

    multi utp poe fiebr media converter.jpg

    Multi UTP POE 

    Fiber Media Converter 

     1 ~ 2 x SFP fiber port

    ● 2 ~8 x10/100/1000M auto-sensing Half/Full duplex RJ45 ports

    ● RJ45 port support IEEE802.3af( IEEE802.3at optional)

    ● Conspicuous LED indicators for power/link diagnose/data

    ● PoE power for each port is 15.4W for AF and 30W for AT

    ● IEEE802.3/u/x compliant

    201904041440050128 (1)_看图王.png

    Industrial Fiber Media converter

    ● 1 ~ 4 x SC fiber ports or SFP ports

    ● 1 ~ 8 x 10/100 or 10/100/1000Mbps Auto-sensing RJ45 ports

    ● POE optional, Max power to15.4W under af standard, 30W under at standard to each PoE port

    ● 4 KV Ethernet surge protection, adapt to a harsh outdoor environment

    ● Flow control mode: full duplex with IEEE 802.3x standard, half-duplex with Back pressure standard

    ● IEEE 802.3 100Base-T or IEEE 802.3u 1000Base-TX compliant

    14 slots media converter chassis

    14 Slots Media Converter Chassis 

    ● Auto-identify MDI/MDIX

    ● Full/half duplex auto negotiation

    ● 2U high: 19-inch standard design

    ● 14 slots for standalone media converter

    ● Low power loss and good heat dissipation

    ● Stable performance, large capacity of power supply, ease for management and maintenance

    16 slots media converter chassis.png

    16 Slots Media Converter Chassis 

    ● Auto-identify MDI/MDIX

    ● 19’ 2U rack, easy for focus management

    ● 16 slots for media converter card 

    ● Dual /single fiber with   bi-direction optional

    ● Low power loss and good heat dissipation

    ● Stable performance, large capacity of power supply, easy for management and maintenance

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