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  • Cat7 FTP LAN Network Cable

    The Cat7 LAN cable is no longer an unshielded twisted pair cable, but a shielded twisted pair cable, which is mainly suitable for the application and development of 10 Gigabit Ethernet technology. The Cat7 LAN cable has a transmission bandwidth of at least 600 MHz and a transmission rate of 10 Gbps.
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  • ● FTP

    ● 26AWG

    ● PVC/PE/LSZH Jacket optional

    ● Standard supports up to 600MHz and speeds up to 10Gbp/s over 100 meters of cable.

    ● Fully backward compatible with all the previous categories.

    ● The RJ-45 plug is designed with 50 mm gilt, with good contact and transmission properties, oxidation resistance, rust, and no blackening.

    ● Operating Temperature: -20 to 60°C

    LAN cable with connectors on both sides meet the standards of TIA/EIA-568B or 568A.

    TIA/EIA-568B/A Standard

    FTP offers an additional layer of protection with shielding (also called screening) wrapped around the individual twisted wires. 


    Sopto can provide a variety of colors of the network cables, such as yellow, orange, purple, green, red, etc. If you want a special customized service, please contact us.

    Customized colors

    ● Connection between switches, servers, patch panels or other equipment

    ● Network wiring project

    ● Data Center

    ● LAN



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