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    Connectorized cable assemblies are cord-type fiber optical cables terminated with connectors at both ends. The type of cable fiber and connector and the length of the patch cords can be freely specified by the customer as shown below.
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  •  End-Face Type: PC/UPC/APC

    ● Fiber Diameter: 0.9mm, 2.0mm or 3.0mm

    ● Available for simplex and duplex

    ● The outer jacket can be PVC, LSZH, Armored etc

     Available for different connectors: SC, LC, FC, ST, MPO, MTP, MU, DIN, D4, E2K etc

    ● Fiber Type: Single mode fiber G652D, G657A1 and G657A2, Multimode fiber OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4 are available

    ● Low insertion loss and high return loss, high dense connection, easy for operation

    ● Customer lengths and connectors are available upon request


    Simplex or duplex, Up to 144 cores, Single mode only, OM1/OM2/OM3/OM4 are available, Customized length

    Simplex or duplex, Up to 144 cores, Single mode or multi-mode, OM1/OM2/OM3/OM4 are available, Customized length





     SM(9/125 SMF-28 or   eq uivalent OS1)

     MM(50/125,62.5/125(OM2&OM1),50/125,10G(MM)   OM3





     Insertion loss(typical)






     Return loss






     Operating wavelength


     1310, 1510







     Operating temperature



     Storage temperature



     Cable Type


     Simplex or duplex (zip cord) φ3.0,   φ2.0, φ0.9,PVC or LSZH



    Sopto fiber optic patch cords took the first lead to pass the ISO9001 quality system, the requirements of European RoHs



    ● CATV

    ● Computer networks

    ● Telecommunication networks

    ● ODF of optical transmission system

    ● High speed data transmission network

    ● High quality graphic transmission network

    ● Connection of optical transmission equipment

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    Ordering Info. for Patch Cord

    Part Number:SPP - SC -   FC – AA – 2D – 30 – 5V(A)

                                          1        2     3 4    5 6     7    8 9 10 
     Product Description:
    Patch Cord   Duplex 2×SC/UPC 2× SC/UPC G.652D 3.0mm 5M length PVC Armored

    1 - Connector A

    LC SC FC ST etc

    2 - Connector B

    LC SC FC ST etc

    3 – End face A

    U:UPC polish;  P:PC polish;  A:APC polish 

    4 – End face B

    U:UPC polish;  P:PC polish;  A:APC polish 

    5 - Fiber Count

    1: Simplex;  2:   Duplex

    6 - Fiber Mode 

    M1: OM1; M2: OM2;  M3: OM3;    M3H:OM3(300);  M4: OM4;  D: G.652D; A1: G657.A1

    7 - Diameter

    09:0.9mm ;  20:   2.0mm ;  30: 3.0mm etc

    8 - Length

    5 : Cable total length 5M ;  etc      

    9 - Cable Jacket Materials


    10 - Armored

    Null: Without armored                    A: Armored

    Cable Jacket Color

    Default:Aqua ( OM3,OM4) ;Orange (OM1,OM2) ; Yellow (SM)       


    1.    Default Connector A - Connector B order in PN: LC-SC LC-FC  LC-ST  SC-FC  SC-ST FC-ST

    2.    When Connector A is same as Connector B , Default End face A – End face B order in PN: UA  PA  UP

    3.    M3(OM3):10G multimode optical fiber can be divided into three categories, 150 M, 300 M, and 550 M according to the maximum transmission distance. The default is 150M

    4.    M3H:OM3(300) Maximum transmission distance of 300 M

    5.    Additional instructions for the branch:

              ①When the main diameter cable is not marked, the default is 2.0mm ;

              ②“-X” Other branch length,Next to the branch diameter, continue to add at the end of the model. The length of both sides of the branch is different as -M (custom branch length).

    Transaction Process


    Sopto will NOT charge any customer with Hidden fees on their order. All fees and charges will be calculated and displayed to you after you confirm the order


    Purchasers are welcome to provide their own courier collect a/c for freight charge incurred. Should no courier collect a/c be available, international shipments are delivered normally through FedEx, DHL, TNT or UPS unless otherwise specified. 


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