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    HFC: Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial, which is a hybrid fiber-optic coaxial cable network. It is an economical and practical integrated digital service broadband network access technology. HFC usually consists of three parts: optical fiber trunk, coaxial cable branch and user wiring network.
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    Optical Transmitter


    External Type  

    ● The external modulation technology has no chirp effect, very low dispersion distortion, and has good characteristic in the band, and the working bandwidth is 47~1000MHz.

    ● The predistortion system of RF signal can accurately match the pre-distortion volume and the signal quality according to the signal intensity and modulation amplitude.

    ● The narrow line width (1MHz), low noise, DFB CW laser and LiNBo3 external modulator do signal modulation.

    ● RF gain is optional, AGC/MGC mode, OMI + 7dB range adjustable.

    ● 19-inch 1U high standard frame, the front panel is embedded with LCD display. It can accurately display the work parameters and fault information of the equipment, and is equipped with the national standard II transponder, which can monitor the network management through the network.

    ● Hot plug dual power supply, you can choose DC48V or AC110V or AC220V.



    ● Using erbium and ytterbium Co doped double clad fiber technology

    ● The built-in low noise preamplifier without EDFA cascade reduces the deterioration of CNR and MER greatly

    ● The output port is optional

    ● 1U:SC connector 4~16 ports optional; LC connector 8~32 ports optional, WDM can be selected

    ● 2U:SC connector 16~64 ports optional; LC connector 32~128 ports optional; optional WDM

    ● Low noise coefficient: 0dBm input < 5dB

    ● The perfect network management interface, conforms to the SNMP network management protocol

    ● The server's mature dual power hot backup structure and the intelligent temperature control system controlled by microcomputer can effectively improve the system reliability

    Optical Receiver


    ● Highly linear optical to electrical converter for use in FTTH applications

    ● Use a high gain, low distortion receiver PD and low noise RF circuit to deliver high RF level output at lower optical power, provide good CNR, CSO and CTB distortion specifications

    ● RF reach to 1000Mhz bandwidth

    ● Optional AGC Function: Automatic Gain Control (AGC) circuits is to provide a relatively constant output amplitude of CATV signals. Optical receiver built in AGC function to enable RF output tolerance in 2dB even when optical input power various from -8dBm to 0dBm

    ● Optional Built-in WDM Function: The 1550   nm broadcast analog video signal can be delivered over P2MP GPON or GEPON network by using WDM technology. The built-in WDM optical receiver has the one optical input port and on PON output port. The optical input contains downstream forward path CATV signals at 1550nm, downstream Ethernet data at 1490nm and upstream Ethernet data at 1310nm. The optical output passes the 1310nm and 1490nm signals. The 1550nm wavelength goes to a photodiode and is amplified.



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