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    Optical Transmitter is specially designed for overlay slot system. It supports up to 32 IPQAM frequency point spots. As the first company to introduce overlay frequency point spot system, SOPTO optimizes performance. SOPTO can provide different types of Optical Transmitter with internal or external modulation. Generally, the internal type can only be transmitted within 30km .The external type can transmit 100km
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  • External Type 

    ● The external modulation technology has no chirp effect, very low dispersion distortion, and has good characteristics in the band, and the working bandwidth is 47~1000MHz.

    ● The predistortion system of RF signal can accurately match the pre-distortion volume and the signal quality according to the signal intensity and modulation amplitude.

    ● The narrow line width (1MHz), low noise, DFB CW laser and LiNBo3 external modulator do signal modulation.

    ● RF gain is optional, AGC/MGC mode, OMI + 7dB range adjustable.

    ● 19-inch 1U high standard frame, the front panel is embedded with LCD display. It can accurately display the work parameters and fault information of the equipment, and is equipped with the national standard II transponder, which can monitor the network management through the network.

    ● Hot plug dual power supply, you can choose DC48V or AC110V or AC220V.

    ● CATV trunk and distribution network

    ● WDM system


    For exampleSPOT-WT1500-2*9C-22-FA-M

    Interpretation: This is a SOPTO brand's external modulation optical transmitter, the product model SPOT-WT1500, 2 outputs, each output 9dBm, uses C disposition plan modulator. Main power supply 220V, Sub power supply 220V, FC/APC output connector; male RF connector.

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