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    Fiber optic cleaner is an essential accessory to maintain and guarantee good quality of fiber optic connection. It is a high-performance non-alcohol cleaner designed specifically to clean fibre end faces of any male fibre connector.cleaning operations.The Fiber End-Face Cleaning Pen SC is a high-performance device designed for cleaning the ferrule end faces of SC and FC connectors.
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    Optical Fiber Cleaner

    ● Safe and environment friendly: No chemicals and other waste such as alcohol, methanol, cotton tips or lens tissue; Safe to operator and no hazard to environment; No ESD contamination.

    ● User friendly: With few simple steps, ideal cleaning result can be achieved, whether the connector is contaminated by oil or dust.

    ● Excellent result: Fast, effective, repeatable cleanings.

    ● Economical: New design for low cost; One unit is good for over 500 cleaning; the cartridge is replaceable; Easy to replace. Wide   application areas: It can be used in lab environment. It is also suitable for fiber optic construction, maintenance, and equipment manufacture.


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