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  • Fiber Patch Cords
  • Network Cabinet
  • Fiber Connector
  • Fiber Closure
  • Fiber Terminal Box
  • Indoor Distribution Frame
  • Outdoor optical cabinet
  • Fiber Patch Panel
  • Splitter Distribution Box
  • Fiber Optic Splitter
  • 1800 cores Indoor Distribution Frame 1800 cores Indoor Distribution Frame 1800 cores Indoor Distribution Frame
  • 1800 cores Indoor Distribution Frame

    Fiber optic cabinet is a high-capacity, high-density fiber distribution frame, suitable for the composition and distribution of fibers in optical access network to achieve the fiber optic lines connection, distribution and scheduling.
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  • ● With high intensity and anti-erosion performance

    ● Transparent front door, visibility good.

    ● Cold roll steel frame, electrostatic spraying in the whole surface, nice appearance.

    ● Capacity can be flexibly customized as required.

    ● Modular structure for instore, splice and organizes cable.

    ● Built-in direct melt unit capable of providing direct connection functionality

    ● With secure and reliable fastening and grounding protection devices for the optic fiber

    ● Applicable to strap-shaped and non-strap shaped fibers, and inserting installation of SC, FC, ST (additional flange) adapters

    ● Reserve installation splitter location

    ● Communications

    ● Networks

    ● Industrial control

    ● Building automation

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    Optical Distribution  Frame Indoor Floor type 1800 cores max(SC type) without ODF unit box , adaptors, pigtails Metal type A


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