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      Fiber Drop Cable and Its Application in FTTH The fiber drop cable is the optical communication unit (optical fiber) in the center, two parallel non-metal reinforcement (FRP) or metal reinforcement members are placed on both sides...

      Learning Center2020-11-25

      What is FTTO(Fiber to the office)? Fiber to office (FTTO) is an access method that uses optical fiber to connect the communication office and company or office users. The introduction of optical fiber is exclusively used by a single company or office user...

      Learning Center2020-11-16

      How to Use Fiber Fusion Splicer? Optical fiber fusion splicer is often used in the construction and maintenance phase of optical cable. Today, let’s talk about the related content of optical fiber fusion splicer.

      Learning Center2020-11-11

      What are the uses of Visual Fault Locator? As the application of optical fiber in network communication becomes more and more widespread, various optical fiber devices have emerged at the same time. Visual fault locator is one of the commonly used optical fiber inspection tools for troubleshooting network faults.

      Learning Center2020-10-20

      What is 40G QSFP+ Fiber Optic Module SR4, LR4, CSR4? Among the 40G fiber optic modules, the common types are QSFP+SR4, QSFP+LR4, QSFP+-CSR4, etc. These types of fiber optic modules are changed in the purchase. If you choose, what are the characteristics?

      Learning Center2020-09-27

      What is Armored Optical Cable? Armored optical cable is an fiber optical cable wrapped with a protective "Armor" on the outside. It is designed according to environmental needs and is mainly used to protect the optical fiber cable from animal bites, moisture, pressure or other damage.

      Learning Center2020-09-22

      What is the WDM/CWDM/DWDM & Circulators? WDM stands for Wavelength Division Multiplexer. In fiber-optic communications, wavelength-division multiplexing is a technology which multiplexes a number of optical carrier signals onto a single optical fiber by using different wavelengths...

      Learning Center2020-09-16

      Differences Between Single-Mode Fiber and Multi-Mode Fiber Optical fiber is widely used in the field of communication. Generally, we divide optical fiber into single-mode fiber(SMF) and multi-mode fiber(MMF) according to the number of optical fiber transmission modes.

      Learning Center2020-09-08

      Types and characteristics of fiber optical patch cord Fiber optical patch cord usually refers to the optical fiber with connection ports at both ends, which is mainly used between equipment and equipment to play the role of line connection.

      Learning Center2020-09-02


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